Symposium “Is Germany Too Powerful for Europe?”

On November 20, 2013 we held this year’s European Campus Week symposium at Northeastern University. The symposium started with remarks by the Consul-General Rolf Schuette followed by a lively questions & answers session on the position of Germany in Europe and in the world today. The Consul-General brought up that, in his opinion, not he, but the consuls of other European countries should answer the question whether Germany is too powerful in Europe. Herr Schuette then handed out the three awards for the winners of this year’s essay competition: Mackenzie Jones won 3rd prize for her essay that reflected on how Germany’s position in Europe and the world show a variety of power. Liz Moore won 2nd prize for her paper that compared Germany’s role in Europe to that of the captain of a soccer team. Marie Schulte – Bockum won 1st prize for her essay, which argued that Germany may be deemed powerful, but doesn’t use its position as much as it could, and maybe even should. Last year’s winner of the Northeastern European Campus Week’s essay contest and of the national contest held at the German Embassy in Washington D.C., Michael Trudeau, talked about his views on the question at hand. Then each of the winners presented their papers, highlighting various arguments. That concluded this year’s symposium. Those essays of all participants who have agreed are available in our European Campus Week IRIs archive.


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